Raquel fernandes

After obtaining her degree in Visual Communication (Photo major) from the Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography in 2015, Raquel jumped straight into the film industry, working as a photo editor, retoucher, data wrangler & colourist. By 2017, The Colour Studio was born.

Raquel is an adventurer, traveller, and creator. 

est. 2017

Raquel Fernandes
Unit Still Photography & Photo Retouching

"Nine to five workers watch films to escape reality for a couple of hours, but in my world I am consumed by film. 

Film for me is a pilgrimage, where many departments intersect and collaborate to creative something spectacular. The art of modern filmmaking is the layering of many elements to create what appears to be authentic, however fantastical or removed in time the story may be. As a photographer, I aim to freeze those moments in my stills capturing a world that ceases to exist or creating a world that once belonged only in our imagination." - Raquel Fernandes

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